Learn the first steps of Oriental Dance – shimmies, sharp accents and rolling movements of your middle body. Easy footwork is applied to create short combos and to make you dance for real from the very beginning. No previous dance experience required.


You already know what it’s about and want to learn more variations and styles. The class might include practicing full choreographies and usage of accessories such as sticks or veils. See the details for each class!


For those with several years of regular training on them. You are ready to practice a little bit more seriously and perhaps want to perform too. See the details for each class!

Oriental Jam

Oriental party hour, full of dancing and sweating! Enjoy a funky mixture of Shaabi Street Dance, Arab Pop and Folklore elements - Let go and shake it! Routines remain easy, no previous dance experience required.

Drop in Cards

If you struggle to stick to a fixed weekly class or just wish to drop in every now and then, we recommend getting one of our drop in cards. You can choose a 1x, 5x or 10x card and use it in any of our normal weekly classes without having to register every time. The card is valid for 6 months. 1x 20€ 5x 90€ 10x 175€

General Terms

Prices incl. VAT 10%. As you sign up, please specify your preferred method of payment. Cash, card and voucher payments are accepted upon arrival. Bills will be sent prior to the course. Registrations are binding, cancellations only for medical reasons. If you missed a class you are welcome to drop in for any of the open classes for compensation during the season or two months after your course has finished if you have an other valid course registration . Classes vary in length, however this doesn’t affect the number of drop ins. Dancers are not insured by us, so make sure to get yourself covered for twisted ankles and other fatalities! Classes are danced barefoot or in dance slippers, special equipment is not required - just come and dance with us!