At your request Ulla will be teaching an Egyptian style balady choreography with juicy core work, playful steps and cheeky details. The course will walk you through all the technique and musical aspects of the choreography - so don't hesitate to join! You may also repeat the classes as many times as you need to. This joyful dance fits all types of stages and occasions as well as costumes so it is a great addition to your repertoire! Those wishing to receive personal feedback may send their video at the end of the course.

Classes appear into a closed FB group by every Monday and are available to watch whenever it suits you best!

Starting 23.8.2021, 5x60min -66€

Time: 16:00
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Teacher: Ulla


From traditional to contemporary, this class combines the best of both worlds! Fanny will be teaching technique combinations derived from different styles of Tribal Fusion bellydance. Enjoyable shimmies, accents as well as fluid snake like movements - changing theme each class, so drop in is also possible. This class is open level, so it is also suitable for beginners!

Starting 2.5.2022, 5x60min - 80€

Time: 17:00-18:00
Level: Basics/Open
Teacher: Fanny Delesham


An all-round technique class to improve your shimmies, hip drops, camels and more! Drills and combinations in different styles. Teacher will give different variations to ensure each dancer has challenges matching their level, so don't hesitate to join straight from beginner class up to advanced!

Starting 30.8.2022, 15x60min - 225€

Time: 17:00-18:00
Level: Open
Teacher: Laura

Laura's popular choreography class continues with new choreographies! Details coming soon!

Starting 30.8.2022, 15x75min - 260€

Time: 18:00-19:15
Level: Intermediate
Teacher: Laura

In this class we start from the very beginning of oriental dance! Learn the shimmies, rolling core work and sharp accents, travel with easy steps and combinations. All techniques are taught step by step, so no previous experience required - just come a you are!

Starting 30.8.2022, 15x60min - 225€

Time: 19:15-20:15
Level: Basics
Teacher: Laura


In this class we start from the very beginning of oriental dance! Learn the shimmies, rolling core work and sharp accents, travel with easy steps and combinations. All techniques are taught step by step, so no previous experience required!

Starting 31.9.2022, 15x60min - 225€

Time: 17:00-18:00
Level: Basic
Teacher: Hadassa

Two extra technique sessions are offered during the autumn term to those willing to drop in!
14.9.2022 Arm work and drills for the upper body
12.10.2022 Shimmies and more!

No registration, these classes can be used to make up for missed course classes or with drop in cards or single class payments 20€/class. Just come!

Time: 18:00-19:00
Level: Open
Teacher: Ulla


This new Thursday class takes you to the inspiring world of Tribal Fusion Bellydance in it's different variations! Learn technique and combos with shimmies, accents and snake like movements, travel between the modern world and ancient traditions. No previous dance experience needed!

Starting 1.9.2022, 15x60min - 225€

Time: 17:00-18:00
Level: Basics/Open
Teacher: Fanny

Looking for something amazing to your repertoire? This class is definitely for you! Learn a showy and colorful fanveil choreography with Hara! The course will get you through the basics of fanveil technique, so no previous experience from the accessory needed. Those willing to perform, are welcome to share the dance on a big show case in March 2023!
You will need to bring your own fans, if you need help with choosing them, don't hesitate to message us for tips!

Starting 1.9.2022, 15x75min - 260€

Time: 18:00-19:15
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Teacher: Hara

This is a special training group for advanced dancers who wish to learn more about performing, musicality and finding their own style. Choreographies will be created in co-operation with the group and prepared for stage. If you are interested in training in a motivated group and willing to work harder, don't hesitate to contact us for more info and applying at

Note: This class is NOT open for drop ins!

Starting 1.9.2022, 15x90min - 290€

Time: 19:15-20:45
Level: Advanced
Teacher: Hara


In this class we practice the basic technique of oriental dance! Learn the shimmies, rolling core work and sharp accents, travel with easy steps and combinations. All techniques are taught step by step, so no previous experience required - just come as you are!

Starting 30.10.2022, 5x60min - 50€ (You may pay in parts!)

SUPPORT THIS CLASS! All donations will be directly discounted from the price of participants. You may donate in our Holvi webshop, minimum donation being 5,50€.

Цей курс присвячений вивченню базової техніки східного танцю! Пориньте у світ східної краси за допомогою чаруючих рухів руками, шиммі та акцентів стегнами, за допомогою комбінацій в приємній атмосфері. Навчання починається з азів, жодний попередній танцювальний досвід не потрібен! Мова навчання - українська.

Початок 30.10.2022, 5x60хв - 50€ (Можлива оплата частинами)
Для реєстрації заповнюйте форму нижче, або залишайте заявку на поштову адресу

Time: 15:00-16:00
Level: Open
Teacher: Marina

Join a unique hobbyist production! This class is dedicated to something special - a spectacular choreography with formations, to be presented on a big stage at Helsinki Oriental Dance Spectacle! Marina will be creating a new, oriental style choreography, tailored for this group in particular. The group fits around 20 dancers, but part of the training might be done in smaller units as dancers might have different roles in the show. If you handle the basics of oriental dance, don't hesitate to join this group! Despite the coming show, the training will be kept fun and relaxed, all technique needed will be rehearsed step by step. Registrations are made for both autumn and spring term right away, but the billing is done in two parts or more if needed. The show takes place early Spring 2023, the exact date shall be published very soon as we get the venue confirmed! The classes are held in English

Autumn term starts 4.9.2022 15x105min - 335€ (+ costume max 80€, you get to keep the costume)
Spring term starts 9.1.2021 15x105min - 335€

Register by 5.8.2022 and receive 4 technique classes for free - 2 for each term!
Show group participants will also get -15% off from technique course registrations!

Time: 16:00-17:54
Level: Open/Intermediate
Teacher: Marina

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Learn the first steps of Oriental Dance – shimmies, sharp accents and rolling movements of your middle body. Easy footwork is applied to create short combos and to make you dance for real from the very beginning. No previous dance experience required.


You already know what it’s about and want to learn more variations and styles. The class might include practicing full choreographies and usage of accessories such as sticks or veils. See the details for each class!


For those with several years of regular training on them. You are ready to practice a little bit more seriously and perhaps want to perform too. See the details for each class!

Oriental Jam

Oriental party hour, full of dancing and sweating! Enjoy a funky mixture of Shaabi Street Dance, Arab Pop and Folklore elements - Let go and shake it! Routines remain easy, no previous dance experience required.

Drop in Cards

If you struggle to stick to a fixed weekly class or just wish to drop in every now and then, we recommend getting one of our drop in cards. You can choose a 1x, 5x or 10x card and use it in any of our normal weekly classes without having to register every time. The card is valid for 6 months. 1x 20€ 5x 90€ 10x 175€

General Terms

Prices incl. VAT 10%. As you sign up, please specify your preferred method of payment. Cash, card and voucher payments are accepted upon arrival. Bills will be sent prior to the course. Registrations are binding, cancellations only for medical reasons. If you missed a class you are welcome to drop in for any of the open classes for compensation during the season or two months after your course has finished if you have an other valid course registration . Classes vary in length, however this doesn’t affect the number of drop ins. Dancers are not insured by us, so make sure to get yourself covered for twisted ankles and other fatalities! Classes are danced barefoot or in dance slippers, special equipment is not required - just come and dance with us!