10:00-12:00 Mikaela Jokinen - Choreography: Indian girl with an Egyptian heart! Mikaela's special oriental fusion dance to a graceful bollywood song.
12:15-14:15 Outi of Cairo - Technique: Dabke - Steps and combinations to the heavy Lebanese beats in ladies night club style. Bring your high heels along if you have!
14:30-15:30 Ulla Borgenström - Lecture: History of Music - Introduction to the most important music and artists of classical oriental dance.


10:00-12:00 Ulla Borgenström - Technique: Isolate and combine, shimmies, accents and smooth core work on the move!
12:15-14:15 Laura Zaray - Technique: Candle trays in action! Basic handling and showy combinations with the most luminous instrument. Bring your own tray or borrow one from us!
14:30-15:30 Ulla Borgenström - Lecture: Why Cairo is so important to dancers - A look into aspects of Egyptian everyday life that transfer into dance and vice versa.

Workshops á 36€
Lectures á 12€
3-4 Workshops/Lectures -5%
5-6 Workshops/Lectures -10%

All registrations are binding, prices incl. VAT 10%.
Register by clicking the sign up button below!

More about our teachers:


18:30 Doors open, tea and dates are served.
Professional bellydancers and open stage stars perform!
Entry 10€.

To apply for open stage, contact us at and tell us more of who you are and what you would like to dance. We wish to create an interesting and dynamic line up of individuals and groups.

All workshops and the party will be held at the Helsinki Oriental dance studio in Kalasatama, right next to the metro station.



19:00 Opening party at Helsinki Oriental

09:30-11:30 Mikaela Jokinen - Hot 'n spicy Drum Solo
11:30-13:30 Farah Nasri - Technique *SOLD OUT*
13:30-15:30 Outi of Cairo - Choreography: Shaabi to Ana albi andak
15:30-17:30 Saara Soikkeli - Technique and combinations for Egyptian baladi and oriental style

19:00 Dinner party at Satama Bistro Bar

09:30-11:30 Ulla Borgenström - Choreography: Oriental
11:30-13:30 Farah Nasri - Tarab *SOLD OUT*
13:30-15:30 Maija King - Technique: Relaxed shimmies and sharp accents in action *FEW SPOTS LEFT*
15:30-17:30 Tuija Rinne - Folklore technique and combinations to three different styles

19:00 Show at Caisa Cultural Centre

09:30-11:30 Nina Tiusanen - Choreography with Melaya *FEW SPOTS LEFT*
11:30-13:30 Farah Nasri - Shaabi *2 SPOTS LEFT*
13:30-15:30 Laura Zaray - Technique: Isolate your flow, intensify your softness!
15:30-17:30 Saara Lehto - Improvisation: Insight into your own dance and movement through creative exercises

Workshops with Farah: á 78€
Workshops with other teachers: á 36€
3 workshops: -5%
4-6 workshops: -10%
7-10 workshops: -15%
11-12 workshops: -20%
Thursday opening party: 5€
Friday dinner party: 20€ (incl. vegan buffet)
Saturday show: 26€

Book your show tickets and workshops by clicking the sign up -button below. When choosing several items, you may use the info field for the course info to avoid having to fill up several forms. All registrations are binding!
For any further requests don't hesitate to email us at


10:00-12:00 Mikaela Jokinen - Choreography: El Hawa Sultan by George Wassouf (Chor. by Esmeralda Colabone)
12:10-14:10 Outi of Cairo - Technique: Shimmies and more! FULL!
14:20-16:20 Ulla Borgenström - Choreography: Baladi to Beledi Vibe


10:00-12:00 Pia Bärlund - Choreography: Flamenco Oriental
12:10-14:10 Nina Tiusanen - Technique: Details later!
14:20-16:20 Maija King - Choreography: Short but energetic Egyptian style dance to the song Momo Sharbat

All workshops á 33€
Three workshops 85€ (+ á 25€ for additional workshops)
Six workshops 145€ (incl. party)

All registrations are binding, prices incl. VAT 10%.

To register, click the sign up -button below.
NOTE: Unless you sign up to all workshops, you must leave a new registration form for each workshop. You can also sign up by emailing us at

More about our teachers:


18:30 Doors open, tea and dates are served.
Professional belly dancers and open stage stars perform!
Entry 7€.

To apply for open stage, contact us at and tell us more of who you are and what you would like to dance. Video clips are also appreciated! We wish to create an interesting and dynamic line up of individuals and groups.

All workshops and the party will be held at the Helsinki Oriental dance studio in Kalasatama, right next to the metro station.

We will start the training by taking a brief look at the basic techniques and different styles of Oriental Dance, including the Belly Dance of Egyptian night clubs to folklore of the desert and the trendy Shaabi street dance. The latter part of the workshop will be spent on learning combinations and drills that are ready for you to use in your class. You will also get a list of the music used to bring you to class authentic and fresh!

Oriental Dance is quite easy on steps but adds a nice challenge for the inner muscles and middle body. It is rather smooth for a change to keep your class dynamic and suitable for everyone.

The workshop will be given by Ulla Borgenström, the owner of Helsinki Oriental. Apart from Oriental Dance she has worked ten years in fitness instructing a variety of subjects including different kinds of mixed dance combinations, body maintenance and gym training. She knows how to keep the class rolling and people sweaty and happy.

The workshop will be held at the beautiful Helsinki Oriental dance studio right next to Kalasatama metro station.

The workshop includes:
- 3h Workshop with personal feedback
- 10-12 Ready combos
- List of music used for each combo and more!
- Chance to film the combos at the end of the course
- 1h Gift card to any of our weekly classes

Price 60€ per person (incl. VAT 10%).
Registrations are binding, cancellations only for medical reasons!

The maximum number of participants is 25. The course will be held in English and/or Finnish depending on the participants needs. Warmly welcome both experienced instructors as well as newbies who only just started dreaming of instructing!

Register by clicking the sign up button below or cantact us at

Join us for the opening celebration of our new studio! A line up of fabulous belly dancers in a charming space, served together with friends and refreshments – a combination hard to resist! FREE ENTRY!

Come and learn the hottest tricks and latest trends from the queen of Shaabi herself! FULLY BOOKED, REGISTRATION CLOSED!

On Sunday Alla will teach a stunning mejance, a Cairo style show opener with her special spices. STILL SPACE LEFT!

95€/workshop, 175€/both workshops

Workshops will be held at the brand new Helsinki Oriental dance studio, next to Kalasatama metro station. The studio is easy to reach from any direction, arriving from inside or outside of Helsinki, by car or public transportation.

The matinée is a chance for our students to perform their latest dances. Our wonderful soloists and groups from intermediate to advanced levels, as well as their teachers present different styles of oriental dance. So take a new direction to your Sunday stroll and drop by to enjoy a cosy afternoon with us! FREE ENTRY!

You will find us next to Redi and Kalasatama metro station. The entry to Työpajankatu 10B is from Hermannin rantatie (2B). Our studio is located in the 6th floor.

Caroline of Cairo, originally from Australia, has been dancing in Egypt since 1998. Having worked in Cairo's top venues as well as tv productions she has become a popular teacher in festivals in and outside of Egypt. At Helsinki Oriental she will be guiding you to the secrets of Egyptian style dance in two workshops!

SATURDAY 31.8.2019

11:30-13:30 Caroline of Cairo: Technique - Learn to add that special spice and power to your technique and dance like an Egyptian star!

14:00-16:00 Caroline of Cairo: Choreography - A light and playful dance to the timeless hit song Ama Barawa.

19:00 Term Starter Party with Open Stage - Email us if you wish to perform! Entry 5€ from the door (cash/card).

40€/2h workshop, 75€/both workshops (incl. VAT 10%)

Sign up by clicking the sign up button below!
For any further questions email us at

Follow updates at Facebook event:

SATURDAY 19.10.2019

10:00-12:00 Pia Bärlund - Technique: Fiery yet delicate - Spice up your oriental repertoire with modern Spanish style tricks and drills!

12:00-14:00 Ulla Borgenström - Technique: Anatomy of Mejance - Basic technique and combos to help you break down a song of changing rhythms and styles.

14:30-16:30 Laura Zaray/Ali Alduri - Technique: Live music workshop - Learn the best tips on how to survive and enjoy the challenge of dancing to live music. A rare chance to practise the wonderful game between a dancer and a musician!

Workshop prices (incl. VAT 10%):

Pia 36€, Ulla 36€, Laura & Ali 40€

All workshops 100€

19:00 BIRTHDAY PARTY - Tickets 20€ (prebooking) / 25€ (door)

The night includes live music, belly dancing and a delicious dinner with drinks!

Register and buy tickets by clicking the sign up button below! Or contact us at

All workshops and party will be held at the Helsinki Oriental dance studio, Työpajankatu 10 B, 100m from Kalasatama metro station.

The course includes 8 hours of studying, including practical pair work with other students. The content equals material for about one hour of massage. No previous experience in massage required.

The course will be taught by Ulla Borgenström, a certified Thai Masseur of the Shivagakomarpaj lineage from Chiang Mai Old Medicine Hospital in Thailand.

Note: This course is NOT aimed for those wanting to certify as professional Thai masseurs!

2.11.2019 SATURDAY:
12:00-14:00 Introduction to Traditional Thai Massage
14:30-16:30 Feet and leg routine

3.11.2019 SUNDAY:
12:00-14:00 Back routine
14:30-16:30 Hands, arms and head routine

Price 116€ (incl. VAT 24%)

Thai massage is performed without oil and only to patients in full clothing, please wear comfortable, stretchy clothes.

To get to the registration, click the sign up button below!

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us directly at

Join the event on FB:

SATURDAY 7.12.2019

09:30-11:30 Zahra Mujunen (MOR/FIN) - Moroccan Dance 40€: Energetic and original Moroccan style dance with the one and only Zahra Mujunen!

11:30-13:30 Ulla Borgenström - Egyptian Shaabi 36€: Technique and attitude - Crash course to the living tradition and trends of today's urban Egypt!

13:30-15:30 Peppina Lindfors - Tunisian Dance 36€: Technique and cheerful combinations to the rhythms of Tunisian dance! Please bring two scarfs with you!

15:00 and 19:00 DESERT ROSES SHOW at Caisa Cultural Centre, info and tickets:

SUNDAY 8.12.2019

11:00-13:00 Iris Frolov (EST) - Khaleegy 40€: Dubai style khaleegy dance with wonderful Iris who has been dancing professionally in the Gulf. High heels recommended!

13:00-15:00 Laura Zaray - Persian 36€: Footwork, postures and beautiful arms of the enchanting Persian dance.

15:00-17:00 Mikaela Jokinen - Indian 36€: Dance of the Indian Kalbeliya Gypsies.

Discounts: 3-4 workshops -5%, 5-6 workshops -10%

Register by clicking the sign up button below. For any inquiries, don't hesitate to email us at

All workshops will be held at the Helsinki Oriental dance studio in Kalasatama.

Join the FB event at

We start the day by learning feminine and luscious hip techniques with Kairi! She will teach you the magic of reshaping your hips of any body type by learning right techniques through various drills and combinations.

Later on in the afternoon our students welcome you to enjoy their freshly baked dance numbers of various oriental styles on a cosy Sunday afternoon chill at the studio. This event is fully organised by our student team!

12:00-14:00 Workshop with Kairi Reinvee - 33€
15:00 Student Matinée - Entry 5€ (cash), children for free.

To register for the workshop, click the sign up button below